The Seljuk Han of Anatolia



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The Ak (Aksaray) Han is located on the Konya-Aksaray road in the village of Yenikent (Akhan Amaret exit), 22 miles south of Aksaray. The road passed from the bridge in front of the Oresin Han and continued on to Aksaray. The road went west from Aksaray and the first stop on this road was the Ak Han, now of which only a small wall section remains.


It had the covered section and open courtyard plan. It was recorded in the 1950's by Ozergin that the courtyard measured 30 x 30m, the covered section 25 x 25m. Erdmann believed that this is the han referred to Ibni Bibi as the Kiliçarslan Han. Next to the han was a cistern. It is believed that the han was built during the time of Sultan Giyaseddin Keyhüsrev (1237-46).



The han is now in ruins. Remains of only one wall, 4 m high, can be seen.



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Photo taken by Gertrude Bell in 1907 (I-193)


Photo taken by Gertrude Bell in 1907 (I-194)





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