The Seljuk Han of Anatolia



This recently-restored han in the southeastern part of Turkey, was built near the Car Melek Castle. It was mentioned by Evliya Çelebi in his 17th century travel journal, and legend states that it was built by 4 ruling brothers.



Karpuz Anadolu Selçuklu Eserleri (2008) v.2 p. 380

Karpuz Anadolu Selçuklu Eserleri (2008) v.2 p. 379



37.117348, 38.397732


The Carmelik Han is located in the village of Büyük Han in the district of Bozova, It is situated 10 km from the village on the Sanliurfa-Gaziantep highway.  This was a huge structure, now totally in ruins. It was one of the major hans on the road to Syria.



The construction date is not certain, but Evliya Çelebi mentioned the han in his 17th century travel journal, stating that the Car Melik castle was 2 hours from the town of Suruç. Legend states that it was built by 4 ruling brothers. It is believed that it could date as early as the Abbasid period, but was rebuilt by the Seljuks and repaired by the Ottomans. Its plan is more similar to Syrian 12-13th century hans than Seljuk hans, but researchers believe it was built in the 13th c. Seljuk period.



No inscription plaque has been found for this han.



Covered section with an open courtyard (COC)



The courtyard is approximately square, and measures 63.40 x 65.20 m. The courtyard is surrounded by arcades.


Although in ruins, the traces of the covered section can be seen next to the courtyard. The han was built with cut stone blocks.



A major restoration project for this ruined han was undertaken in 2013 by the Şanliurfa Cultural and Tourism Agency. Excavations were carried out and the plan of the han was reconstituted. The northern and southern sections were rebuilt and excavations were carried out in the courtyard. The restoration project was completed in 2016.



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