The Seljuk Han of Anatolia



Karpuz, Anadolu Selçuklu Eserleri (2008) v. 1. p. 400

photo by Ibrahim Divarci, used by permission





The Çoğulhan is located 14 km from Afşin, in the Cumhuriyet neighborhood of the town of Çoğul, on Höyük Street, right next to the massive power station located in the town. Several houses have been built around it and many of its stones were removed for other construction projects.


Kahramanmaraş was an important town of the Anatolian Seljuks, due to its geographical position and location at a very strategic point of Anatolia. Researchers believe that there were many architectural works built by the Seljuks here, but all have been destroyed. However, there are several hans which remain, including this one, the Kuru, Coğul, Kurttepe, Sevdilli, Nurhak, Çevirme, Kamereddin and Hanobaşi hans. This han is not far from the important han at the holy site of Eshab- Keyf.



Cavli Han






The Çoğul Han was built by the Elbistan governor Mubariziddin Cavli between 1212-1240.


According to historic sources, the benefactor of the han is the Seljuk emir Nizameddin Çavli, who also founded other charitable establishments in the Afşin-Elbistan region. Çavli served during the time of Sultan Izzeddin Keykavüz II (r. 1246-57). Kadi Muhyiddin Ibnü Abduzzahir, the clerk of Baybars who documented his military expedition to Anatolia, mentions the Çavli Han in Afşin which was built by Nizameddin Çavli, so the han had to have been built before 1277.



Covered section with an open courtyard (COC)



According to the traces still in place, it is believed that this han had a covered section and open courtyard plan. The covered section was believed to have been covered by a barrel vault. It is also believed to have been quite a considerable size, comparable to the Karatay Han. The walls are 1.20m thick.


After this road fell out of use, the han was left deserted and fell into ruins byt he 1940s. The villagers scavenged its stones to build their homes. Only part of one wall remains. It is also known as the Afşin-Cul han.



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