The Seljuk Han of Anatolia

Hans with mosques


There are approximately 16 hans with mosques, mostly in the form of a small room (mescit). This room can be located in various areas of the han: on the far side of the courtyard, in, next to, or over the entry way (Alara and Sari), or as a free-standing structure (kiosk) in the middle of the courtyard. When the mosque is located above the entrance portal, it is reached by an staircase separate from the one leading to the roof.  Many of the mosques had elaborate entrances, mihrabs, and decorated muqarnas or vaults. The kiosk mosques of the Ağzikara and Kayseri Sultan Hans are particularly noteworthy. Not all hans had mosques, and the flat roof terrace served as an area for prayer.



Hans that have mescit mosques are :

Hans with freestanding kiosk mosques:

Sultan Aksaray, 1229


Ağzıkara Han, 1231-37


Sultan Kayseri, 1232-1236 Sahip Ata Han, 1249-50



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